Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet Earl

See that little bundle of adorableness????  Well he will be joining the Dean family soon!  Yes, Duke's going to be a big brother!!!

My sis in law's dog had puppies, so we're taking one off her hands.  I'm hoping it'll help Duke to have a little buddy.  We decided to name him Earl to keep with the theme ;)

He is half beagle and we aren't sure what his other half is, but based on his coloring/markings and thanks to Google image search... we have deduced that his other half has at least some blue tick hound.  :)

He's definitely a little snuggle-bug though...

 He will be ready in about 2 weeks.  *Hopefully* about the same time we are moving.  We're hoping to fence in our back yard right after closing so our dogs have room to run and play.  We're excited to bring him home!

PS--- if you live nearby and are interesting in adopting one of Earl's brothers or sisters, let me know!  My sis in law is searching for homes for 7 more!

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Real Life Reslers said...

What kind of dogs are they? I think you'll be glad you have a second dog. It gives them both someone to play with and keeps you from spending all of your time playing fetch! Not that I don't like playing with my dogs but sometimes you just get tired of throwing their toys over and over!