Friday, September 9, 2011

House update & things we're looking forward to this Fall

Hey just a quick house update... heard back from the appraiser yesterday.  The appraisal is accepted PENDING a couple minor repairs (the deck and some peeling paint).  The owners are taking care of them this weekend (we might be helping them too- we offered at least.)  And then I have to call back and schedule a time to have the appraiser come BACK out and make sure it's taken care of-- THEN I'm hoping hoping to get a closing date. 

We're getting anxious to move in!!!

We don't have any major plans this weekend.  Other than possibly helping out at our new house, we're going to work on cleaning our house and hopefully starting to pack some things.  You know, like the stuff you don't use on a daily basis.  We have our guestroom/office junk room that's full of crap that we obviously don't use.  I also may have enough stuff to have a yard sale, or at least share a yard sale with someone.  I'm NOT bringing junk into my new house that's for sure!  It's amazing how much we've accumulated just since we've been married.

I also found out that I will be working in my current long-term job until October 12.  Then I'm back into the pool.  Maybe I'll luck into another long term?

I know we're not even halfway through September yet, but there are lots of things coming up in October we're looking forward to...

Oct ?- Hopefully moving into our house early this month!  Also bringing home our new puppy, Earl.  (My sis in law's dog had pups and we're taking one-- hopefully be getting him about the same time we're moving into the house

Oct 1- WVU game with Brew, and my brother and his wife.  Planning on hanging out with my other little brother since he's going to school there.

Oct 8- Hosting my friend Abby's bachelorette party!  (hopefully at our new house, if we can get moved in by then)

Oct 14- Hopefully taking this day off work and taking my niece Miryan to Build-a-Bear in Charleston.  That's our 4th birthday present to her.  Super pumped, I love hanging out w/that kid!  Haha. I'll probably also be helping out with wedding stuff for Abby's wedding.

Oct 15- Abby's wedding (& Miryan's birthday)

Oct 16- Clogging show at Bob Evans Farm Festival.  Always a fun time. :)

Did I mention Fall is seriously my favorite season?  What's not to love?  Beautiful weather (usually), football, pretty leaves, apple butter, the list goes on....

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Real Life Reslers said...

Come to Charleston and hang out with Dustin and I!!!!!