Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick Update!

Ok so I know it's been a few several days since my last post.  All I can say is I'm BUSY!  Here's a quick run-down of what's been going on.  I'm actually updating now from school while the kids are in computer lab!

Work,work,work-  I've been hopping busy with work now!  As you know I'm in a long term teaching first grade.  School is in full swing now so I'm leaving my house around 7:30am and not getting home till 4pm.  I'm also having to bring some things home to do, too.  Brew's been working long hours as usual too, and also because they still haven't hired a third driver, he's on call every other week.  Blah. 

Cleaning & Packing- Since I've been working I got way behind on laundry & dishes.  Now I'm trying to get caught up and back on track in keeping my house semi-clean.  Notice I said semi, cause it's seldom ever completely clean!  I'm caught up on laundry now pretty much.  All I need to do is find my kitchen sink again under that pile of dirty dishes- because I NEEEEEED to start packing soon yesterday!  I am in no way ready to move and that leads me to my next area of updating...

House- We STILL don't have our closing date!  We are currently waiting on the re-inspection to come back.  I'm going to call the bank after school today and see what the status is.  I'm hoping to be able to close next week or the first week in October.  It's annoying it's taking so long & I'm starting to get really impatient.  Even though I'm not ready to move in the sense I have NOTHING packed-- but I'm so ready to move into our OWN house. 

Puppy- We brought Earl (see post from Sept 12) home this past weekend.  He's doing really well, eating like he's starving, and with the exception of the first night home (when he woke crying every hour) he's now sleeping pretty much the whole night.  He doesn't make it through without peeing- so since he hasn't figured out how to wake me up yet to take him out, he's been using a puppy pad in our bedroom.  That's working for now, and we're housetraining him now.  He's doing ok- I wish I could do what I did with Duke and just take an entire week and be home with him and take him out every hour until he gets the idea.  I've already decided to take a few days off right after this long term assignment ends (which my last day is Oct 12)  He & Duke are getting along great and are already BFFs :)

Ok I have to go now- I'll try and update again tonight or tomorrow and I promise TONS of puppy pics!!!

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