Sunday, May 30, 2010

One month to go...

Well, actually a little LESS than a month! I'm getting super excited. I think we have everything ready, it's just the act of putting it all together that lies ahead (and makes me a slight bit nervous). I'm really not nervous at all about actually getting married. Just pretty psyched. (Haha there's a 90s word for you!)

House is coming along slowly but surely. The kitchen is nearly painted. We're waiting on a new range hood to arrive before finishing the painting & working on countertops and cabinets. I'm hoping tomorrow we can take up some carpeting (haha I can be destructive ;) )

The other day we put a new light fixture in the kitchen and took a picture. LOL I never thought we'd be excited over a light fixture! Here it is! Haha...

Well that's all for now... more soon

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