Monday, May 10, 2010

Little things...

Well the last of my "little things" purchases arrived today.

From oriental trading I ordered bubbles (because I don't want to find birdseed in my bra LOL)...

I also ordered personalized napkins...

flower petals

and our wedding flutes! :) Personalized as well of course. :)

I got them all at a really good deal too, so if there's anyone you know that is getting married, they are the place to shop through! :)

We also had our first meeting w/our pastor today for pre-marital counseling.

It's getting closer!!!! And I'm getting *SUPER* excited!!! Tomorrow there is no school (election day) soooooo we're doing another day-long painting day! Hoping to get the bedrooms done, which means after that, all that's left is the kitchen!

More soooon!

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