Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Passing some time...

So I have a double plan period today, which is nice when you are a full time teacher, but slightly boring as a sub. I actually have this job all week. Teaching PE and Art. Pretty easy gig. But needless to say, I'm a little bored sitting here...and school computers don't allow facebook or anything so here I am!

As far as house progress goes, we haven't made much more progress since my last post. I started on the kitchen- wiped down walls and managed to get the dining area part primed. But I haven't had much time to work on it since. I've been workng during the week and then my weekends keep getting packed full of things to do, between work at the Y and other stuff. I'm hoping maybe to get over there this evening but that's about the only time I'll have till next week. My uncle is slowly working his way through his stuff to move out. I'm anxious for him to get out so we can start getting our stuff in!

Speaking of which.. there's only 39 days till I'm a married woman! =O Yikes! I'm super excited though! We pretty much have all we need done. Our cake topper came the other day :) It's a silver cross w/two rings interlocked in the center. Pretty simple but that's what I wanted. I'm not a fan of the cliche bride & groom or goofy hearts and tulle and what-not.

Brew's job search still continues. He was offered a pretty good job at Orkin, however he can't take it. It's pretty much 100% commission and no benefits. Which, if I had a full time job, he would've taken because he thinks he'd be good at it and probably make a lot of money. But unfortunately I don't, so it's hard enough budgeting w/one variable income- we couldn't do that w/two.

We've also started sort of looking at a new vehicle (well, a new used vehicle lol) We want something 4-wheel-drive, either an SUV or a truck depending on what deals we can find. We have a pretty strict budget though because we can't have the payments being much more than Brew's car payments are now. So we'll see, we're not in a hurry, as a matter of fact it'll most likely be after we're married.

Ok well I've run out of things to talk about... so until later!

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