Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Our Engagement Announcement :)

Our announcement was in the Parkersburg News & Sentinel on Sunday May 2!

In other news... Friday officially begins Operation House Makeover! lol. Yes, we're starting to paint! I'm going to be sure to take some "before & after" photos of the house & will put them on here and facebook. The colors we chose were... for the living room & hallway a beige color (neutral), for our bedroom a pale spring green (matches our quilt bedspread), for the kitchen a pastel yellow, and for the guest bedroom a sky blue. We haven't picked anything for the third bedroom yet, right now it's being used to store the stuff that belongs to my uncle that is still there. Eventually, we might use that as an office and will paint it when that time comes. (For now we'll be keeping our computer & stuff in the guest bedroom). I'm super excited!

My list of stuff to do is forever growing. Honestly most of it is unrelated to the actual wedding. That's pretty much under control. I desperately need to clean my room & do laundry. And with that cleaning comes getting rid of a bunch of stuff I don't need before the move. I also have one scrapbook to finish and one to start. And all the stuff we need to do to our house before moving in. It's going by fast though... only 52 days! <3>

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