Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just a quick one...

Ok so it's incredibly late (or early I guess... haha) and I'm utterly exhausted. Brew & I spent the WHOLE day working on the house. We moved the living room furniture that was my uncles to my parents (my brother is taking it for his "man cave" & will move it when they close on their house). Then we moved furniture that we are inheriting from Brew's aunt's house to our house. We also ripped up ALL the carpet in the living room & hallway. It's amazing how much better it looks (and smells) in there!!! Here's a couple pics:

I kid you not we were at it today from 7:30/8 till almost 11pm. I'm happy w/what we got accomplished!

The list of what remains to do before we can move in our stuff...
1- pull up carpet in bathroom & install laminate tiles
2- have my dad install the new range hood in kitchen
3- sand & paint kitchen cabinets
4- install new countertop laminate.

There are several other "projects" remaining but we will take care of those AFTER we move in.

Also-- I didn't post on here yet that Brew got a NEW JOB!!!! *Finally* It's a service rep for a medical supply company called Lincare. Better hours, pay, benefits, etc. It's really what we've been praying for. Not to mention he just put in another application with the railroad for a track worker job in Ravenswood. Which that's even BETTER if he happens to get something like that. So things are really coming together. "The Shepherd will supply my need..."

K I can barely keep my eyes open. Goodnight one & all!

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Real Life Reslers said...

Melissa! Thanks for following me! I didn't know you had this cute blog going on over here. I miss you! You and Brew are completely adorable together. Congrats on your house! I love seeing what you are doing.