Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More house progress...

Got two bedrooms primed & painted today!!! Now all that's left to paint is the kitchen! (And, the 3rd bedroom, if my uncle ever gets his stuff out lol)

Got some more pics, these were taken w/my cell so they aren't the best, but...

Here's the guest bedroom before:

Gotta love the dark 1960s paneling LOL

And the guest bedroom after:

Much brighter in there & pretty light blue!

And our bedroom before (this pic was taken before Darren moved out)

Our bedroom after a new coat of paint! (this is like a springy green, will match our quilt bedspread)

Yay! :) Next on the list- is the kitchen (that will be a big job- wipe down walls, painting walls/ceiling, sand & paint cabinets, put new countertop laminate on) taking up the carpet & cleaning the wood floors throughout the house, and re-doing the bathroom floor.

It's coming along!

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