Saturday, April 24, 2010

I can never think of titles...

So I thought I'd update here. Look at that more than one per month! =0

Well, last Saturday held some unpleasant events. First I learned that a teacher at Lubeck passed away very suddenly. She was only 37 years old. She was on a scouting thing w/her son & husband and just collapsed and they couldn't revive her. It has been pretty sad working at Lubeck this past week. I didn't know her well but Lubeck is a tight-knit community and school so everyone felt the effects.

And also, something that stuck with me perhaps even more. One of the girls I went to school with, who was finishing her student teaching this year. She's 30 I believe. Anyway, her 31 year old husband was killed last week in an ATV accident. Not only that, he was wearing all the protective gear & wasn't doing anything stupid... just a freak accident. I couldn't get that whole event out of my head all week. I just keep thinking about his wife, Erin. They would've celebrated their one-year anniversary in May, and I know she was soooo happy with him. I know that God has his reasons and we can't always understand it, but at the same time I kept thinking that something like that could've just as easily happened to Brew. I honestly can't imagine being in Erin's position because I couldn't imagine what I'd do without Brew. It's not something I've thought a lot about because well- we are young and not often faced with our own mortality. Nevertheless, I guess it just brings to new meaning that "today might be your last". All the more reason to never go to bed (or leave) angry and without saying "I love you".

On a more happier note.... wedding plans are coming along. We picked out our cake! :) We're doing a two-tier white cake w/raspberry filling, white buttercream icing w/these little white curlycue designs on it. (Yea, fondant is gross) and it will be decorated w/silk flowers that I'm going to bring in to them. It's from The Little Stirr which makes AMAZING cake! We also ordered two large sheet cakes (one white, one chocolate) since that was the cheaper way to go :)

We also got the tuxes taken care of for the guys. I pretty much just let Brew pick everything out cause I didn't care. I only requested that the color match haha. Brew's going to be wearing a white vest/tie and the guys a light blue that matches almost exactly w/the girls' dresses. AND we found a flowergirl dress for Miryan (and on sale- we only paid like $15 for it) Mom needs to take it in for her cause it's a little big on her, she's a little squirt ;) Pretty much all that I need to do now is finish ordering reception goodies. And actually mail invites, which I've started on and almost finished- I should be able to send them out this coming week :)

The only thing I'm nervous about is getting our house ready/together before the wedding. It's coming along though, three rooms are ready to paint now. :)

Alrighty well I'm going to head to bed since it's getting late & I am sleepy! Until later!

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