Tuesday, December 7, 2010

December already!

Holy cow it's December already! I haven't been updating as frequently because I've been busy! This week is especially so. Tonight is the only night I don't have to be somewhere. Yesterday I had Symphony Chorus rehearsal (which I'm singing w/a group of ppl from Parkersburg that are going to be singing w/the WV Symphony Orchestra for their Christmas concert). Tonight is nothing, but I do need to go back out to the dollar tree & get some things for the upcoming week. Wednesday we have chorus rehearsal this time in Charleston w/the acutal orchestra, Thursday evening I have the clogging students' Christmas party, Friday night is the first symphony performance in Charleston, and Saturday I have Sunday School program practice in the morning, we're clogging in the Parkersburg Parade in the afternoon and then we have our second performance in Charleston that evening, and Sunday is church and the sunday school program, then the last performance in Parkersburg! *WHEW* Not to mention I also have jobs scheduled (full days) every day except Friday (which as I'm thinking about it, I may not take a job for Friday, depending on how dead I am by that point! lol)

Next week should be much milder though. And then the following week is CHRISTMAS! I'm actually on top of things for once. My Christmas shopping is done, I wrapped my last gift that came shipped to my house yesterday. Thankfully with my extended family and Brew's extended family we do gift exchanges, and we just don't exchange gifts w/Mandy & AJ (Brew's sis & her husband) we just buy for their girls. We didn't have to buy for very many this year so it didn't break the bank ;). We bought for my parents, Brew's parents, my brothers, my sis in law Amanda (my brother Matthew's wife), my grandparents, and our nieces. All others were covered in various gift exhanges/secret santas :) Oh and we bought and wrapped a couple toys for Duke of course ;)

It has been freeeeeeeeeeeeeezing here! And we've had snow, which is nice. It hasn't been super bad on the roads but enough to cover the grass and just make it prettier :) I'm hoping that it holds out and snows for Christmas too. We haven't had a real white Christmas in a while, it's usually just cold and dreary.

Allllllrighty well unfortunately my plan is almost over. I've been enjoying some peace and quiet. I have a really noisy group today. They aren't bad, just loud so I have a feeling I'll be leaving here in an hour w/a headache since I can feel the beginnings of one now. Fun stuff.

I don't know if I'll get to write again before Christmas, so if I don't, Merry Christmas from the Deans!!!


Real Life Reslers said...

I'm exhausted just from reading this!!!!You guys have so much going on right now!

Real Life Reslers said...

Hello again!!! I think I've become your blog stalker!
I just wanted to tell ya I redecorated my lil ol blog and I wanted to see what you thought about it! Lemme know if you get a chance to go look!