Tuesday, December 14, 2010

good news, bad news

Hey everyone! Well today was a 2hr delay, which means... my job for half a day was cancelled :-p Oh well. Gives me another day to stay home and get something done. I'm much more productive than yesterday. Yesterday the only thing I got done was two loads of laundry. That's what snowdays are for though, right? lol. So far today I've started on dishes (which got wayyy out of control last week when I was sooo busy) So I'm catching up now, they are about 1/2 done. I also need to fold some laundry, go to the post office, and do some cleaning around the house.

Well we got some bad news, and that's Brew didn't get the job w/the railroad. He's pretty bummed about it. Which is understandable, but something about him that drives me crazy is when he's in this "down" mood, there is like nothing I can do that'll make it better, I just have to give him time to mull around and pout and when he's done, then he's back to normal. This drives me NUTS because when I am upset/depressed about something, I WANT him to make me laugh and make me feel better (which he is good at) but he just wants to be left alone. That's super hard for me to do. Does anyone else's husband/boyfriend do this? Just wondering if it was a "male" thing. I find it extremely frustrating lol. I am a little bummed too, but then again I've been praying not just for him to get the job but for God's will do be done, so I have kind of resolved that it must not be the right job or the right time for him to get that job.

The silver lining to this however is that because he isn't starting a new job, he gets two weeks vacation beginning January 1st which means we can go visit Stefani, Bas, and our new little God daughter! So I'm looking forward to that. :) I will be purchasing our plane tickets very soon. (Thank you Visa! lol)

Speaking of money, I'm now feeling the stress Christmas has put on. Brew got paid Friday, and we have 125 dollars left in our account. I get paid tomorrow (not a super great check, only 5 days) and with our mid-month scheduled bill payments, my paycheck is pretty much GONE and then some. Blah. I am sooo looking forward to the day when I can get a full time job. If that day ever comes... I'm beginning to wonder!

Well I'm going to go get back to work! Adios!

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