Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trimming the tree

So I thought I'd share my Christmas decorations (what few I have lol) and where I got them and such :)

I'll start w/the outside of our house!

Our Christmas lights (at night of course!)
They all came from Wal-Mart, they are "Holiday Time" LED lights, blue icicles, multicolored, and white. The white ones around the window are actually set to "twinkle" so they blink a little :)

The wreath hanging on my door. It's an LED pre-lit wreath from Big Lots, it was like $12. The bow came from Big Lots too, I think it was like 99 cents :) The only thing I don't like about this wreath is the lights are totally random as to when they are on and off... I'm sure there's a way to adjust it but I haven't figured it out. It's cordless though (operates on 2 D batteries)

Now the living room!

Our stockings are hung up on the inside of the door. The santa one is Brew's and the reindeer one is mine :) I just loved these, they came from walmart! They had some other cute ones too, I might pick up a few more after Christmas if they still have them... you know for future other additions to our family :)

The stand by the front door, the nativity is a cheapo $5 one from Walmart, and the picture is of Brew & I last Christmas (when we got engaged!)

The top of our tv stand/entertainment center. The little reindeer & bear figurines came from my mother in law, and the pine scented candle is something I bought because I wanted a real tree & didn't get one lol.

Our Christmas tree! Complete w/presents :)
The tree was given to us, but it originally came from Walmart. The lights were in the box w/the tree as well. :) The tinsel garland came from Big Lots, and the ornaments came from my parents and Brew's parents mostly.

This is one ornament I did purchase. From Hallmark- It says "Our First Christmas Together" and the charm says "2010" :)

We did this at my parents' house too, I put all the Christmas cards we got up around the doorway to the kitchen :)

The top of my hope chest, I have another nativity set, this one from my mother in law :)

And now for the kitchen...

My table :)
Table Runner is from Dollar General ($5 woo hoo!), and the candle & wreath is from my mother in law!

Window clings from walmart ($1), they are on the china cabinet because I originally bought them with the intention of putting them on our front window so you could see them from the outside, but they are designed to be put on the outside and I didn't think it'd stand up to the weather and such, so they Christmased up my grandma's china cabinet lol.

And lastly, these potholders, they are Better Homes & Gardens brand. I won them (plus a candle) at my cousin's baby shower :)

Now I'm hoping to hit the after-Christmas sales and maybe get some more ornaments and things of my own. :)

For now I'm definitely ready for Christmas!!!

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Real Life Reslers said...

omg Melissa you and your house are adorable and so organized! I love your stockings. I have done pretty much NOTHING for Christmas this year. I'm in a funk. I think it's the lack of sunlight and vitamin D LOLOL. That and I'm on all kinds or hormones(fertility drugs) and I feel like a crazy person hehehe
miss you!