Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sick baby :(

Well my sweet boy has his first actual bout of sickness.  The worst he has ever had has been a bit of a stuffy nose, and the highest fever he's ever had was 99 from his last round of shots.  We've really lucked out in that department (I'm sure the fact that he doesn't have to go to daycare and that he is breastfed has helped a ton!).  But our time has come and my baby is sick.

It started a couple days ago, he started getting a bit of a cough.  Then starting yesterday he started running a bit of a fever, then today he woke up this morning burning up-- took his temp and it was 100.9.  He's been having a deep cough too, I'm not sure if he has a virus/croup or an upper respiratory infection.  We had to miss his last swim lesson today (him not feeling well plus I didn't want to make other babies sick!)

Watching Sesame Street with Daddy this morning-  caught them in the exact same pose at the same time and thought it was just too cute!

I know that typically it is best to let low-grade fevers run their course.  It is your body's way of fighting off/killing whatever virus you have.  So that's what we did for the first part of the day.  He only slept a half an hour for his morning nap (very unlike him), and when he only went down for a half an hour at first this afternoon I decided enough was enough.  He was completely miserable and couldn't sleep, so I gave him some tylenol to reduce his fever and sure enough he was able to then sleep an additional 2 hours.  The tylenol also helped him feel better this evening-- we went to Subway for dinner and got the few groceries we need for the next couple weeks and also the last couple Christmas gifts on our list and he seemed to be feeling ok.  Until the Tylenol wore off then he started burning up again.
Finally sleeping after Tylenol and nursing.  We spent a lot of today doing this...

So now my little guy is asleep for the night- in our bed because he would only fall asleep with me laying beside him- with another dose of Tylenol is in him so hopefully he'll get some sleep.  Poor guy.  I hate seeing him feeling so badly.  I can't imagine what parents of kids that are really sick or sick frequently go through because this is hard enough!

Hoping we see an improvement tomorrow-- if not, it's off to the doctor for us on Monday!  Hoping and praying that he is better before Christmas!

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