Friday, December 27, 2013

Jackson's Second Christmas...

Yep this wasn't baby's first Christmas!  This was baby's first fun Christmas though!  lol  This was my tiny 5 week old boy last year...

Christmas 2012

I say this is his first fun Christmas because even though he still doesn't totally "get it", he had so much fun unwrapping presents and playing with his new toys.  We had so much fun this year.  Here's some of my favorite moments...

Really getting unto unwrapping presents at Grammy & Pap's!  (He had some good practice at his birthday party last month)

Family pic after Christmas Eve service at church

All tuckered out at great-grandma & great-grandpa's.  Cannot believe he stayed awake until almost 11pm!

Santa brought Jackson a wagon!!!

Unwrapping presents from mommy & daddy

Facetiming with my cousin!

Grandpa & his two grandsons :)  (My nephew Parker is on the left and he is 8 months old- and the same size as Jackson lol)

Unwrapping presents with great-aunt Darla!

Attempting to duplicate last year's photo in front of my aunt's pretty tree... Jackson wasn't really happy about that lol!

Here's a video of our holiday-- Some pictures and also footage of Jackson opening his gifts from Santa and us on Christmas morning!

We had a great Christmas and what's even better is I get another whole week off work to spend at home with my little guy!  I'm so blessed and my heart is full!

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