Saturday, December 14, 2013

Christmas photo shoot

It was kind of a fail...

It was a dreary day outside so we didn't have much natural light (besides the window is behind the tree anyway).  My camera settings were all screwed up from when my brother borrowed it, of course I didn't think about that until I was actually trying to take the pics, and also I had a wriggly toddler that was more interested in looking at (and eating) the ornaments than he was smiling for a picture...

I did get a few decent ones, but I'm thinking I'm going to try to get some more (better) ones soon!

oooh a Jingle bell ornament!

Would've been a good one if the lighting wasn't so funky-- I tried my best to fix it with Picasa but it still looks weird.

Again with the lighting-- but I love his sweet smile here!

Playing with the ribbon lol


Silly kid...

This one is the best of him-- but it was kind of blurry

And now trying to bail...

Shaking the ornament

Mmmm tasty!

lol no flash indoor shots usually turn out blurry of a wiggly lil boy

Ha he knows he's cute!

And this one is probably my favorite!!!

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