Saturday, October 20, 2012

My cousins visit!

Wow ok long time, no update!  It's been crazy here so prepare for some mass blog posting in which I will attempt to catch you up!  So the last two weeks in September my cousins were in visiting from Germany!  It was sooo awesome to see them again!  We spent as much time as we could with them while they were here.  Here's some pics that highlighted our visit (aside from getting maternity pics together and my baby shower-- which will each get their own posts!)

At Sweet Apple Farm...

Haha our hubby's being silly

My lil God daughter is growing up!

No we did not steal pumpkins! ;)

Haha love this

Stef and I got crafty and appliqued onesies for our boys! :)  Here are the ones I made!

And finally a visit to the Barlow Fair...
Hannie Jeane is such a poser! lol wanted a pic with the girls ;)  (Also, excuse the pregnant double chin I have going on in this pic!)

Couldn't leave the boys out!

I wish now that I had taken even more pics of things like when we went out for dinner, shopping, etc.  But oh well :)  It was so nice to have them here and it makes me even more anxious for them to move back to the states (hopefully in the next 3 years or so!)  Can't wait to see when our baby boys will arrive (They are BOTH due the same day!!!) and until they visit again, hopefully in late Spring/early summer of next year.

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