Friday, September 14, 2012

Whoa- 30 Weeks!

So today I am 30 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  I'm less then 10 weeks away from my due date.


Lol- ok so the nervous/excited/anxious feelings are kicking in major.  Along with some hardcore back/rib pain and tiredness.  I'm so looking forward to holding my little man in my arms.  Yet it seems so surreal- just me being a MOM.  I'm not even nervous about my ability to be a mom- I just figure most things will come naturally.  It's just I almost can't believe it.  I've wanted kids my whole life and more importantly I've wanted a baby for a year and a half- and I just can't believe I'm actually getting him!  I just feel overwhelemed with blessings.  :)

I am a little anxious about labor/delivery, nursing, and the fact that this little human is going to be totally dependent on me.

I'm not sure how the next ten-ish weeks are going to go.  The second trimester, and also the last couple weeks, have gone by sooooooooo quickly.  Seems like just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant and fighting nausea and my belly was just a teeny bump.  And now BAM I'm huge and 7 months pregnant lol.  So I'm not sure if it'll continue to go quickly or if it will slow down considerably now that I'm anticipating having him.  We shall see!

Got a lot to look forward to- my cousin Stefani and her family are coming in from Germany for two weeks on Sunday!  (She and I share a due date!  Her with #2, and me with #1- both boys!)  I can't WAIT to see them! <3 p="p">
Alrighty well here's my pregnancy update and vlog.  See you all next week (or the week after- depending on when I get around to blogging again next!)

How far along: 30 Weeks, 5 days
Size of Baby: Head of lettuce
Total Weight Gain: 22lbs :-O
Maternity Clothes: EVERYTHING.  Even my bigger medium tshirts are too tight now.  So I steal my husbands tshirts to sleep in LOL.
Gender: We're having a baby BOY!!!
Movement: Big big big rolls and kicks and jabs. Like a rock-em-sock-em robot!
Best thing this week: My friend Abby finally made it public that she is expecting a little one as well!!!  She's due in April! :)  I'm suspecting a girl- perhaps a little girlfriend for Jackson??? ;)
Sleep: Waking up 1-3 times/night to pee, or just randomly I will wake up- and then have to pee lol.
What I miss: I'm starting to miss my regular clothes some.  And just getting around/bending over easily haha.
Cravings: Fall/pumpkiny things :)
Symptoms: leaky boobs (haha sorry- TMI!  They are also starting to get sensitive/sore again), BACK PAIN and rib pain, especially when sitting down.  Space is getting tighter for him in there and so I guess his butt and feet have nowhere to be except in my ribs, and tiredness is coming back. 
What I’m looking forward to: Stef's visit & my baby shower! :)

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