Friday, October 26, 2012

Ultrasound & Appointment update!

Hey everyone! So I had my 36 week ultrasound on Wednesday and my appointment was yesterday (Thursday). We found out our little guy is head down and getting cramped and ready to come out! His measurements say he's about 6lbs 2oz right now, which is right on the nose average. Looks like if I go to my due date he will be 7-8lbs which is perfect! Of course sometimes the measurements can be way off... But I'm not thinking he will be as big as his daddy was thank goodness!

Anyway at my appointment I had the strep b test done (not so bad) and she also checked me (um, ouch!). I am 1cm dilated, 90% effaced, and at a 0 to +1 station (he's suuuuper low). So yay for progress! I hope this means he comes a little before his due date! ;)

She also went over the ultrasound with me though and said he's looking good but my fluid is low, borderline too low, so I am supposed to really up my fluids this week and find a couple hours in the afternoons to rest on my left side. Then I'm going back next week for another ultrasound to check again and see where we are! Worst case scenario if it continues to decrease we may be looking at an induction (which while not ideal, I wouldn't complain! Lol) but We will wait and see! In the meantime I'm gonna be chugging the water! ;)

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