Sunday, September 2, 2012

4D Ultrasound!!!

So we went to Columbus yesterday.  Did some browsing (didn't buy anything really- just a new toy for the dogs lol) at Easton Mall, ate at Cheesecake Factory, went and got our elective 4D Ultrasound, and also stopped at a mall in Lancaster on the way home (we passed a Dick's sporting goods that Brew wanted to go to).   It was a good day :)

Here are the pics we got of our little guy! (Bear in mind these are "pics of pics" taken on my iphone so they aren't the greatest, and they have a glare on them)

His lil smooshed face.  Lol he didn't like that the tech was shaking my belly trying to get him to move his hands out from in front of his face ;)

His adorable little profile

Sucking on his hand :)

Chubby cheeks!

I loved every second of it.  If you don't have the option for a 4D scan at your doctor or hospital I HIGHLY recommend getting an elective one.  It was really not expensive at all (considering I had to pay 3 times what I paid for this one for my anatomy scan AFTER insurance!) and it was so worth it getting to see him wiggling around in there.  :)  The consensus has been so far that he looks like his momma.  Which, I tend to agree (poor kid lol)-- he has that Greathouse nose, forehead, and cheekbones!  It did create this new sense of urgency in me to meet him though!!!  I don't want him to come now of course- he has a lot of growing to do still, but I cannot wait to hold my baby boy in my arms!

I am working on finding a way to convert the DVD we got to a format that I can edit.  When I get that figured out (and done) I will upload a video with some clips from the ultrasound so you all can see him in action! ;)
I figured it out!  Here it is! :)

Eleven weeks till my due date!  Can't wait! :)

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