Monday, April 23, 2012

Yay Double-digits!

Ok so I realize that like *all* of my posts are about pregnancy here lately.  So sorry if you don't really want to hear all about it!  I really haven't been up to anything else worth blogging about.  Work's going well-- got my long term for the rest of the year.  Hubby & Pups are doing great.  So yeah.  And not to mention I'm sooo super excited to be pregnant and all that it makes it easy to blog about!

So without further ado, here's my weekly updates!

How far along: 10 weeks 1 day
Size of Baby: Lime (2in, 0.3oz)
Total Weight Gain: Actually, I'm -5lbs this week, so back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 125.  I think I finally lost some of that bloat/water weight!
Maternity Clothes: All maternity pants except like 2 pairs of capris.  Shirts I've been mostly wearing looser tops of regular size and some maternity too now.  I must've grown more this week!
Gender: Too soon to know!  My orig. feeling was boy, but now I'm not sure...
Movement: None yet.  Have heard that heartbeat though!
Best thing this week:  Feeling a gajillion times better (hopefully morning sickness is gone for good!)  and having a little bit more energy
Sleep: Sleeping good but can't make it past 5 without having to REALLY pee.  Usually it's another time before then.
What I miss: Not much!  Well I guess not looking chunky in my regular clothes.  That's kinda where the belly is now-- I don't look pregnant just like I've been eating too many doughnuts!
Cravings: Still sweet things :)
Symptoms: I'm finding a lot of the first tri symptoms are improving.  Chest isn't as sore, morning sickness is gone, getting a LITTLE bit more energy, though still tired.  Now I'm noticing I get lightheaded really easy when I get up fast and I have to eat every 3-4 hours or my blood sugar goes through the floor.
What I’m looking forward to: getting to the second trimester, and my next doctor's appointment at 13 weeks.
And here's my vlog!

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