Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday, hubby & 11 Weeks update

Hey everyone!!!  Well today is hubby's birthday (25th!).  Of course, he's working late today so we aren't doing much celebrating.  This weekend though we are having cake & ice cream with his parents and because he's seriously the hardest person to shop for, I did what he wanted this time, and we are going shopping for him to pick out a gift he wants.  (So not fun if you ask me but he's happy!)  Anyway, will take some pics from this weekend!

As for our little peanut, he/she is now past the 11 week mark!

How far along: 11 weeks 2 days
Size of Baby: Large Plum (2.5in, 0.5oz)
Total Weight Gain: 1lb
Maternity Clothes: All pants, some shirts
Gender: Too soon to know!  I won an intelligender test on youtube though so hopefully we can take that soon to see what it says...
Movement: None yet.  Have heard that heartbeat though!
Best thing this week:  Week 11 was the first week I felt like it actually went fast. 
Sleep: Sleeping good still-- just getting up 2 times or so to pee still.
What I miss: Nothing really.  Honestly I'm happy to be pregnant :)
Cravings: McHappy's doughnuts (if you don't live near me you don't know what you're missing!!!) and cereal (specifically cinnamon Life and Cocoa Krispies)
Symptoms: I've been more moody this past week, that's about it for new stuff.
What I’m looking forward to: SECOND TRIMESTER! (Less than 2 weeks left now!)

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