Thursday, April 12, 2012

8 Week update-- and thoughts on being pregnant so far!

2 months down- 7 to go!

So I realized I haven't blogged much about the whole me-being-knocked-up thing so I thought I'd just write about that now!

I'm 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant today.  Now I talk about my symptoms and all in my videos but I thought I'd tell you more about our road to getting here, and our thoughts & such!

So I did talk about it on here some, but our TTC ('trying to conceive') journey started a looooonnnnngggg time ago.  Ok.  Maybe not THAT long, but boy it sure felt like it!!!  We started TTC in March of 2011.  The first couple months we tried to be laid back about it (you know, not really trying but not preventing either).  I just thought that we'd go off birth control and -bam- I'd get pregnant right away.  Maybe it'd take a couple months but that'd be it.  Well it didn't go that way.  After a couple months of nothing- we decided to really "try".  For me that meant learning ALLLLLL sorts of stuff about fertility, conception, cervical fluid (nice, I know), basal body temperature, charting, etc.  Then we tried to "time" everything--  romantic, huh?  Well guess what we did that for pretty much 8 months and nothing!  We did have what's called a chemical pregnancy once, which is when conception takes place, you'll get a positive (in my case, very faint), but it fails to implant, and the pregnancy ends like a regular period.  No fun at all.  We had no luck for all that time we were "trying".  Finally, in my 10th cycle of trying to conceive we finally just said FORGET IT.  I was sooo tired of "trying".  We decided to leave it up to God and if we didn't get pregnant by the one year mark, we'd go see the doctor.  Well two months later-- I got pregnant!

We are beyond excited.  This baby is soooo wanted and loved ALREADY!  Admittedly I've been nervous, just hoping everything goes ok.  I don't know very many first time momma's who don't have that fear of miscarriage in the back of their mind (especially those that have experienced a loss before), and I'm definitely one of them.  But the more time goes by the better I feel about it.  I'll be 9 weeks on Sunday.  Which means my appointment is on Monday where I will *hopefully* hear that little heart beating.  Then in three more weeks I'll be gearing up for the 2nd trimester which I'm soooo looking forward to.  Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to be pregnant and even to have the symptoms that let me know I've got a little baby in my belly-- but the extreme tiredness and random bouts of nauseousness I could do without! ;)  Not to mention I'm also looking forward to getting to see my baby on the ultrasound and getting to feel him or her move-- oh and of  COURSE finding out if it's a boy or a girl!  (Yeah we're so finding out-- we can't wait!)

I still pray everyday for a healthy little olive (that's how big the baby is during the 9th week ;)).  And I'm sooo thankful God chose me to be this baby's mommy!

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Ashley Nicole said...

Congratulations its the greatest experience!