Friday, July 5, 2013

Jackson's first 4th!

Hey everyone, as promised I'm here to dump a bunch of pics from Jackson's first 4th of July!  The fireworks ended up being canceled due to rain, but my brother had bought some of his own and set them off in between rainstorms.  However, Jackson did NOT like them one bit.  Poor guy was scared to death, so we spent our time inside when the fireworks were being set off.  Hopefully next year he will like them and not be so scared.  We may try again in September at the Sternwheel festival.

Anyway, here are my favorite shots from our little photoshoot we did at home...

And then here are some ones we took at my brother's house that evening!
Jackson & my nephew Parker! (he's 2.5mo old)

An Independence Day rainbow!

Two handsome little guys on their first 4th of July

Hehe my nephew Parker :)

Love this one, totally looks like they are having a little conversation ;)

Yeah it's really hard to get a 7 and 2 month old looking the same direction at the same time!

Me & my boy! <3 br="">

Me & my sis in law with our boys

My brother's little family 
And my little family too <3 br="">

Hope everyone had a great holiday!  Now the countdown to our beach vacation is ON!  We leave a week from tomorrow.  I'm really looking forward to taking my little water baby to the ocean for the first time.  :)

This coming week I'm off from babysitting (the family is on vacation), sooo I'm going to start trying to get the house cleaned up and get clothes washed and packed for our trip!  Can't wait!

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