Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What I'm Loving this Wednesday...

{hubby's job prospects}  sooo if you read in my previous post (or maybe the one before it?)... anyway, Brew had an interview for a railroad position and... good news- he was selected for the hiring pool.  AND his dad did some asking around and found out that he is at the top of the list!!!  They aren't expecting any vacancies to come open until at the EARLIEST April, more likely later in summer but at any rate, when a vacancy does come up, he will hopefully get a job offer!  The only not-so-good thing is that if he gets the job offer before early June then he won't be able to go on our OBX vacation with his family (due to training).  (Though if that happens-- I still plan on going! haha) So, we are still hoping/praying that he does get a job offer but this was really encouraging to hear!

{niece coming soon}  So my sister in law isn't due until March  21, but by the looks/sounds of things she could very well be here early!  She is 36 weeks today, and goes in for an ultrasound tomorrow.  Last time she was already estimated 6lbs 6oz and the tech said she was running out of room when she measured her.  She's also had several real contractions so we will see!  They may induce her anytime after Feb 29.  Last weekend I helped her paint the nursery and get it ready.  So excited to meet her!

 {mini Sunday getaway?}  Brew has been working INSANE hours lately.  We're talking 14hr + days.  Yeah.  They are down to where he's the only driver and he's super overworked.  (I won't get into everything cause this is what I'm LOVING Wednesday lol)  But anyway, one of the RTs is taking his call this weekend so he can have a break!  We are going somewhere Sunday, just to have a day to get out of town and get his mind off of work.  Not sure what we're doing yet, but it's going to be something!  lol.  But I'm looking forward to it.  Not only to get to spend time with him (something hard to come by as of late) but also because I've had  and will have a busy week myself!

Well those are the things that came to mind today-- I'm off to the lenten dinner, handbell choir practice, and Ash Wednesday service at church!

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amy@agoodlife said...

woohoo for job prospects & babies coming soon!