Monday, February 27, 2012

Good weekend...

So this weekend was pretty great.  First of all on Friday I got a call from a principal of a school I sub at frequently (also happens to be my old elementary school) asking me if I would like a long-term sub job for the rest of the year!  Of course I said YES!  This job is a bit less traditional-- I'm working one-on-one with a special ed. kid.  Mostly I'm there to keep him on task and if he has a meltdown or whatever then I'm to remove him from the class, and let him cool down, then finish the lesson/work with him alone.  Today was my first day and it went really well (of course- I'm in the "honeymoon phase" and I'm sure not every day will be great) but I'm happy to have the opportunity to have steady work for the rest of the year (plus I'll get my 133 days in which equals another year of experience :))

So after that bit of good news, Saturday my mom and I threw a baby shower for a friend we go to church with.  It was super fun. :)  I'd post pics but I took them all with mom's camera because my memory card is full and I have yet to clear it off!  Then Saturday evening we went to a nearby-to-us town with my brother and his wife to check out a pizza joint, then wrapped up the evening playing Harry Potter Clue with them.  Yes we are THAT cool.

Then Sunday, we started off FaceTiming with my cousins in Europe! :)  It was great to see them again-- and my little God daughter Hannie, is getting braver taking steps! :)  Then we went to Sunday school, and played hooky from church to meet up with my parents-in-law and my nieces to drive about an hour and 45 minutes to Wheeling.  We ate lunch at Cheddar's  (love that place-- they are building one here that should open soon!) then went to Cabela's.  It was fun watching my nieces get excited at all the animal displays and the aquarium there.  After spending all afternoon there-- and toting an underarmor shirt my hubby spent a giftcard on, a fleece zip up I got for $15, and of course- a 1/2 lb of fudge, we left there around 5:30 and headed home.   :)

So Monday came awfully quickly, but I think it's just because the weekend went by so fast cause it was a good one ;)  And Mondays are always better when the weather is sunny and 65 degrees.  (Yes it's FEBRUARY in WEST VIRGINIA and it's that warm out!  Crazy but I will take it!)  Right now I'm enjoying some peace and quiet while the dogs are playing outside.  Going to have to get off here though and put some laundry away and start on dinner! 

Until later! :)

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