Friday, January 20, 2012

Resolutions update & other stuff

Hey everyone- sooo I thought I would update on my New Years Resolutions and how those are going... maybe I'll do this every month?

So the New Years Resolution thing has been going ok so far.  I have already tried a new recipe this month-- it's kind of just self-created so maybe the next time I make it I will do a video & more official recipe.  But we made turkey burgers!  We (and yes, we, on a night my husband was actually home from work at a decent hour we cooked together) made ground turkey into patties, seasoned them generously with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and onion powder, cooked them, melted some shredded fiesta blend cheese on them, and then ate them with mayo & tomato.  Super good.  I also pan fried (yes I know- I should've baked them but they always turn out kind of mushy when I do that) some frozen french fries along with them.  It's definitely a repeat recipe!

I started out really good with the exercising thing- I was doing 20-30 minutes of cardio something (either clogging or dance aerobic videos) 3 days a week, "beginner" type pilates 3 days a week, and only taking 1 day a week off.  Well, this past month I just had an off-the-wall only 19 day long cycle (so I'm betting there was no ovulation going on there).  I haven't been under a lot of stress or anything, so I'm guessing maybe the sudden start in extra physical activity was what decided to make the dreaded monthly visitor appear 10 days early.  Or it could've just been a random fluke.  (Side note- that has never ever happened to me, having a cycle that short)  But either way since we're trying to make a baby I thought it best to cut back a bit.  So now I'm going to just try and get some exercise in 3 days a week instead.  Just in case.

Now on to the money thing- that's a bit trickier!  We haven't put any into savings this month because we've been in "recovery-mode" from Christmas.  (Paying for gifts AND also me not working very much in December drained us)  We're getting back on our feet now though.  I revised a budget for us, I'm hoping to stick to it better in 2012.  It's just hard with my income being so variable.  Well, and Brew's as well, since he always has overtime factored into his pay.  If he doesn't have ANY OT (which that is literally NEVER) then I have to work at least 10 days to pay the bills.  However, his average paychecks make it so I usually only have to work 5-6 days to pay the bills.  Anything else is what we use for extra things, like going out to eat, and buying certain things we "want", etc.  So my goal is to work at least the 10 days a month so we are covered no matter what.  That's hard though, when there's no guarantee how much work I will get.  Blah.  I hate money.  Sometimes I wish my husband was really good at managing money so I didn't have to think about it/stress about it.  Unfortunately he's HORRIBLE with money so I get the job!  I'm not great but definitely better than him lol.  Anyway, went off on a rabbit trail there, but that resolution is still a work in progress!

In other news, poor Earl got neutered today.  He wasn't a fan of the whole vet thing.  He never has been, always gets a little scared. Duke, is completely the opposite.  At first  mention of the word "ride" he leaps up and down with excitement.  Can't wait to get in the car and stick his head out the window.  When arriving at the vet is so excited he's beside himself.  It's a battle to keep him away from other dogs who he views as his playmates (when several of them are sick or not quite as friendly as he is), and he thinks the vet is the bomb.  Always giving plenty of puppy kisses with that big ol' tongue (good thing she doesn't mind!)  Earl on the other hand, isn't sure what to think of the car.  He just sits/lays there with a scared/pathetic look on his face.  Then when we get to the vet he is nervous and has to be either right by Duke or on one of our laps.  He shakes when he's on the vet exam table.   I don't know maybe he'll warm up to the idea of car rides at least.  Duke we took a lot more places- we took him to the park for walks and obedience classes, and also to my brother's all the time to play with his dogs.  Now that we have two dogs who can play with each other and a big fenced in backyard, we don't hardly take them places.  Earl has only had a few car rides, when we first moved to this house, and then his now three trips to the vet's office.

Anyway, he's doing well after his surgery.  Laying around a little more than usual but otherwise you'd never know any different.  And thankfully, he's not mad at me for abandoning him to the horrible vet's office only to lose his manhood... ;)

This was at a red light on our way home this afternoon.  He gave me this same pathetic puppy-eyes look on the way there.  Boy does he know how to lay the guilt on! ;)

My boys snoozing on the couch beside me while I blog ;)


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Stefani said...

Oh my... LMAO at the sad-eyed pic! Nice one, Earl!!! :)