Friday, January 13, 2012

First snowday + December video!

Well folks, we finally had our first snow day of the year today!  Normally where we live we get a decent amount of snow, usually starting in December and continuing through February/March depending on the year.

This year so far it's been a very mild winter, most days the temperature being around 40.  Other than a light dusting we haven't seen snow at ALL this year!  (and by this time last year we had already had like 3 snow days and a two hour delay)

Yesterday the temp went from being in the upper 40s to the low 20s by last night.  A rain and acutally some thunderstorms came through followed by snow.  Not a lot of snow, mind you, just a couple inches, but there was plenty of ice underneath (enough so to cancel school!).

Here's what our backyard looked like this morning (along with the dogs happily playing in the snow).

I also had time to edit/upload my December video to YouTube-- the last of the 2011 monthly videos!  I have some different plans for my YouTube channel for 2012 so look for a video explaining that soon!

Hope everyone has a great day-- and stays warm!

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