Thursday, January 5, 2012

11 highlights of 2011!

Well 2012 is underway!  I feel like 2011 flew by.  Seriously.  So I'm thinking about doing a video about this on my YouTube in the next few days if I can get it together, lol, but in the meantime...  I thought I'd reflect on the highlights of 2011!

1. Our God daughter is born on January 7, 2011

2. We went to Europe!

3. I turned 25.  Didn't do anything real big/exciting but I do feel "older" I guess-- I'm a quarter of a century!

4. In late Spring we jumped into house-hunting.  It was an interesting and fun experience (though at times a little roller coaster-ish).  We looked at tons of houses, some were a little less than pleasant!

5. We went on a camping trip to celebrate our first anniversary.  We had a blast.

6.  We celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary on June 26! <3  And the year old wedding cake was actually not too bad!

7.  We found out we're going to be aunt/uncle -- AGAIN!  In July, my sister in law found out she was pregnant with baby #3! :)

8. We added a furry kid to our family when we got our second dog, Earl!

9. We finally found *the* house-- and bought our first home!!!

10.  We celebrated Thanksgiving in our new house by having the Dean family over for dinner!

and finally...

11. We spent our first Christmas in our new house, and we had a wonderful second Christmas together.

I'm not really making any New Years' resolutions per say, but I will do a post soon on things we're looking forward to and are wanting to do in 2012! 

Hubby & I on New Years Eve

The pups curled up for a siesta on the guest bed on New Years Day

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