Monday, October 25, 2010

Snip Snip!

Hi everyone! Well-- I cut my hair! 10 inches off to be exact! Here's a before & after shot (my before shot was right before I went to bed, so that's why I look like that haha, and my hair had been up all day):

I really like it. It only takes like 10-15 minutes to do in the morning, which is nice since before I pretty much always wore my hair in a ponytail or messy bun since it took like a half hour to dry and straighten. I will be mailing my hair to Locks of Love very soon! (Since it requires a bubble mailer and so a trip to the post office, I'm doing that the same time as I go to renew my passport w/my married name)

In other news I also saw the hematologist & had a ton of bloodwork done. My gyno sent me there to have genetic blood clotting tests done since my mom has had a blood clot (in her lung) and there's also a family history on my Dad's side. My freakin arm was sore for days!!! But I go back Nov. 15 to find out the results and things. I'm on progestin-only birth control right now, and basically IF they do find a clotting issue then I won't ever be able to take estrogen birth control and when I get pregnant my pregnancies will be deemed "high risk" (basically, they'll be monitoring me more closely and I may have to be on blood thinners when I'm pregnant.) So we'll see, hopefully everything will be normal and I won't have to worry about it!

Alright I need to get off here and do the dishes and laundry that I've literally put off all day long. Blahhhh. I need a housework fairy...

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Real Life Reslers said...

Your hair looks awesome! I hope everything goes well with your bloodwork!