Tuesday, October 5, 2010

October is here...

Can't believe October is here already-- though I guess I can definitely feel it in the chilly air! It's gotten soooo much cooler here the last week or so. Insane. I don't mind the cooler weather, I just wish it didn't have to be rainy and gloomy. I feel like I forget what the sun looks like...

We FINALLY got furniture moved!!! My bookshelf, dresser, and Brew's old bed are now residing in the guest room/computer room where they belong :) I promise as soon as I get my house clean- I will take pics and put some before/after pics up here and facebook, of the entire house- in case you don't want to listen to my rambling video tour I did the other day haha. But I'm still unpacking stuff and cleaning the regular usual mess so as soon as that's done there will be pics!

I've been busy lately-- I had an interview last Thursday at Pleasants County Middle School for an 8th grade WV history teacher. I felt good about the interview, but I KNOW better than to get excited about it because I will most likely be trumped by someone w/a Master's degree and/or more teaching experience. Haven't heard anything yet so we'll see... But I've been getting regular subbing work, usually 3-4 days a week, which is good.

HOWEVER-- annoyingly I was summoned for Jury duty today (super fun right? LOL) so I had to cancel a job I had for tomorrow. That bums me out. I know you get paid for Jury duty but I don't particularly want to do it. Tomorrow is just the pre-screening thingy so I'm hoping I say something they don't like and can get out of it! Haha.

I was productive this afternoon too-- I made Duke's first vet appointment (yes- I've been slacking-- but he already had his first shots/deworming), so we're taking him there Thursday evening.

Annnnd guess what- Brew (and I) FINALLY have health insurance!!! wooo hoo! Mind you it's costing us $300/month which is ridiculous but hey it's insurance. So I finally made an appointment w/the hematologist I was supposed to go see last Spring. (In case you're wondering- my mom had a pulmonary embolism which they contributed to estrogen birth control, so when I got married, my gyno put me on a progestin-only pill, and wanted me to get further testing to make sure I didn't have a genetic clotting problem that could be caused/made worse by excess estrogen. If I DO- that means no estrogen bc for me AND when I get preggo, I might have to be on blood thinners and such. But that's like worse case scenario- I may not have anything wrong, but she just wanted me to get checked to make sure). So I have that in a few weeks, super fun (not). I'm not too much of a wuss when it comes to needles but I don't exactly look forward to it. I am going to have her type my blood-- because I don't even know my own blood type lol.

So that's pretty much what's going on in the Dean house now. I'm super pumped for this weekend. Saturday we're going to Morgantown for the WVU game :) WVU football games are always fun, but it's also going to be nice to get away w/my hubby for the day. Duke is going to stay w/his "uncle" Matthew & "aunt" Amanda and play with his new cousin "Gibson" (lol- my bro & sis in law got a dog this past week) while we are gone. So predictably this week is going slow!

Alrighty well I'm going to get off here and head to bed soon! Until later!!!

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Real Life Reslers said...

I hope you dont' get stuck doing jury duty!