Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little update

Hello world! Just thought I'd do a little update since I've been posting pretty regularly for once. First of all last weekend = great! :) Saturday I had to work at the Y in the early morning (blah) but then we headed down to my sister-in-law's for my niece's third birthday!!!

I just love her! ♥

And my other niece, Makalyn, started walking recently...

Love how she covered her face in this pic lol

Then after the party, we hung around w/Mandy & AJ (that's Brew's sis and her husband) and the girls for the rest of the day. We went to Big Lots, the park, then McDonalds for dinner. It was a lot of fun :)

Then on Sunday, after the usual church, lunch, clogging practice routine- we went to go look at some land for sale. It's 15 acres on Sam's Creek in Mineral Wells. We like it a lot, and when we have the opportunity we're going to go see what we can get approved for on a loan. The goal is to get some land relatively soon and have it paid off in about 5 years or so, then build or more likely, put a pre-fab home on the land. I'm real picky about location (I want to be in a good school district- out of town, plenty of room- but I still would like to have natural gas and preferably city water available. We'll probably focus our search in Mineral Wells and Belleville areas (for those of you who are familiar enough to the area we live in for that to mean anything LOL) But we'd like to get that ball rolling before we have kiddos.

Anyway, after that we came back home & last minute decided to invite my brother Matthew and sister-in-law Amanda over for dinner. So that was fun too :)

This week I've been busy working. I worked Monday, half of Tuesday (because I got called for jury duty AGAIN-- which thankfully I didn't have to serve this time), and then all of today. I have tomorrow off to get my hair cut and go to a doctors appointment.

Well-- I have to go to handbell practice-- like 5 min ago. LOL. So I'm off. I will probably update again tomorrow (about the hair cut-- I might go DRASTIC! :))

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