Monday, September 27, 2010

Just a quick update

I've been messing w/this site more & more, changing some things around. I added a section called "our story" under the about me, that's basically mine & Brew's story of how we met till where we are now!

Right now I've got a house video tour in progress. I filmed it but it's insanely long so I'm working on editing it, probably making it into two parts. But I put in some of the before pics and am just working on making it into something I can put on my youtube channel, then share with you all! So look for that, it's coming sooooon!

Things w/us have been pretty good. I've been working pretty regularly. I get my first *real* paycheck on Thursday (woo hoo!-- my first one only had one half day on it so it was like $50 lol)

We are starting the process of planning a trip to Europe! My cousin Stefani and her husband Bas live in Germany (near Luxembourg) and they are expecting a little girl in January! Brew & I get to be Baby Girl's godparents so we are hoping to go visit sometime in February to meet her! So we're pretty excited about that, (and praying we can pay for it haha)

While we're talking about looking forward to things, here's some thing's we're looking forward to in the next few months---

October 9- We're heading to Morgantown for the WVU v. UNLV football game!!!
October 10- We're going to the Bob Evans Farm festival, I'm clogging there
October 15- our niece Miryan's 3rd Bday!
November 13- We're taking my brother Mason and going to the WVU v. Cincinnati game!
November 25- Thanksgiving! ♥
December- Just the whole month. Love Christmastime!

Oh and we've decided that we're going to go somewhere for our 1 year anniversary. No idea where yet, that's going to greatly depend on money and someone to watch Duke, etc. I would like to go to the beach for a few days maybe. I don't know yet that's pretty far in advance- but we would like to take more than just a weekend trip (since that's basically the duration our honeymoon was).

Ok so I guess that's not much of a "quick" update but oh well. Going to get off here, as soon as the hubby gets home we're going to my inlaws for dinner. :)

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Real Life Reslers said...

Drop Duke off here on your way to the beach! I'm an excellent dogsitter! LoL! I can't wait to see your house tour video.