Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall around the corner...

Well today is the first day of September! I don't necessarily have anything to really update you on... but since it's a new month I thought I should write something haha.

Things have been going well, I've made miniscule progress on the "to do" list from my last post. I've gotten some sub jobs! :) I worked a half day on Monday at Lubeck, and I worked today, the next two days, and 2 1/2 days next week at Franklin. I'm happy about that, I'm hoping I get lots of work coming up, we could use the money of course.

Speaking of which, Brew is working late tonight again. He likes his job but gets frustrated at the fact that he seems to get the shaft so to speak. Any late orders and stuff that comes in he has to take care of. Seems like the other two service reps get off on time or shortly afterwards whereas Brew probably works over more than he gets off on time. The paychecks are nice though. I told him that that sort of thing happens almost everywhere. People pick favorites for no good reason and sometimes you get stuck w/the crap all the time. I have a feeling though they are going to put a cap on overtime soon and if that's the case then I know he won't be working as late anymore lol.

Duke's doing well. He's pretty much into everything. I can't count the number of odd random things I've pulled out of his mouth the last couple of weeks. He has a knack for finding things that are not edible and wants to chew/eat them. He's doing ok on housetraining. He had a kick there for a while where he'd sneak through our bedroom closet to get to the 3rd bedroom (which is not being used for anything other than keeping some of my uncles' junk in still) and pooping. I've since baracaded the closet so he hasn't done that anymore. He's starting to go to the door too when he needs out and he has been making it through the night and when we aren't home w/out using the bathroom in the house. Sometimes he'll slip up, especially if I'm trying to do dishes or something and not paying attention, but mostly he's doing well. We're trying to break him of play biting and chewing on people. We're open to suggestions. We've just been smacking him on the nose but that doesn't really seem to phase him. I don't want him to play rough since we have young nieces and I just don't want to get any of that started. Overall though he's a pretty good dog :)

Alright I've rambled long enough-- I'll write more later when I have something more interesting to say LOL


Real Life Reslers said...

Dustin gets the shaft at work too. He ends up staying late all the time because someone came in at the last minute to buy parts or something.

Glad to hear Duke is doing well! I don't know if it will work for you but when my dogs went through the rough/biting stage I would yell OW! really loudly and then ignore them for about 10 minutes. They eventually caught on that if they bite, no one will play with them.

Melissa and Brew said...

Thanks Trinity :) We've been trying that w/Duke too... let's just say he's not the smartest of dogs. Hopefully he'll catch on sooner or later. He's getting better about it at least lol. I'm hoping he grows out of it.