Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting a slow start today...

So today I'm getting kind of a slow start at things. I've been up since 6:30 when Brew got up to get ready for work. I just decided to stay up after he left even though I'm not working. Duke was wound up and I didn't figure I'd get back to sleep anyway. Buttt, I've done a whole lot of nothing. I did fold some laundry but mostly I've watched some episodes of TLC shows through Netflix on our Wii :) Finally got that hooked up!

I was thinking of taking some pics of the house and putting up before & after pics BUT, most of the "before" pics I took were on my laptop that was stolen :-p I have a couple on my phone, and maybe a few on here. I think what I'm going to do is make a video of the house (like a tour) and incorporate some of the before photos into it that I do have. Now I'm not doing it until we at LEAST get the guest room finished set up. I'm getting ready to call mom though, I'm off this Saturday (from work at the Y) so I'm hoping we can borrow my parents truck & trailer and move some furniture!

Sooo Brew & I are considering getting an iPad.

Brew has an older laptop, and we have my desktop computer, so I think an iPad would be perfect for the entertainment/media side of things, which is what we'll use it for, because we already have two other computers to use for Office and things like that. What do you think? I'm probably going to score a gently used one from Ebay to keep the cost down. I doubt I will buy anything within the next couple of months but we're trying to decide if we should get an iPad or another laptop pc to replace mine that was stolen, OR if we should just forget it and save the money... Does anyone that reads this have an iPad? Is it worth it to buy one? Should we stick to getting another pc laptop? Or just forget it entirely? It's definitely a WANT not a NEED. And like I said it'll be a few months before we make any purchases but just wondering what you all thought.

And with that the dishes & laundry are calling for me (as usual) I'll post again soon!

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