Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hey! Well I thought I'd give the April update since I don't know when I'll get the chance to again anytime soon. I'm actually babysitting right now- though the kids are playing together (and playing WELL together) so I don't have much to do.

Easter & my birthday was good :) They were the same day this year lol. The day before, Saturday, we had dinner at Brew's sisters. :) I always enjoy spending time w/his family. I just have to say I'm super excited to be getting a couple of adorable nieces too! I already can't wait till Miryan is old enough for Uncle Brew & Aunt Melissa to take her places and do all those fun things that only aunts & uncles get to do.

On Sunday (my actual birthday) we went to the Easter Breakfast and service at church in the morning, then went to dinner that afternoon at Fusion (my family's choice bday place, since it's too expensive to go there unless it's a special occasion). Then that evening we went back to his sister's house because I'm a genius and forgot the girls' Easter gifts the day before. lol.

On Monday Brew took me to the Charleston Mall as my birthday present. I could pick out something, anything, as my gift, and he took me to dinner at Chili's as well. :) I ended up picking out a couple books because I was having NO luck in the clothing/shoe department lol.

Our wedding plans are coming... Saturday afternoon is my shower! I'm super excited to be getting lots of goodies :) I'm going to try and wrangle Brew into going and picking out the guys' tuxes Saturday morning too so that'll be done. So there's 80 days till my wedding. Holy crap. Lol it's sneaking up on me major. But I'm so excited! :) More than the actual wedding I'm just excited to be Brew's wife!

Tonight we are going to dinner w/my uncle and new aunt lol. We're going to talk about us moving in and when and what we want to do, etc. I'm hoping to be able to start moving in ASAP, and get the painting and everything done well before the wedding. I want to be 100% ready to live there once we get back from our short honeymoon!

Prayer request- Brew has an awesome potential job (well, career) opportunity. CSX Railroad is hiring a signal worker. If he were to work there, he'd be the 5th generation railroader in his family. It's an awesome job, 8 hr days Mon-Fri, starting out at $21/hr, great benefits/retirement. Basically everything that we really need right now. For some reason though he can't find it on their website to apply (though his dad has already checked and the job is legit.) so he's got a call in to the head hancho in charge of all the signal workers in the region to get some more info. I'm really praying this works out. It would really put a lot of my financial worries aside.

We got our engagement pics done! I will get the CD tomorrow! :) I'm excited! I hope they turn out good!

Alrighty well I suppose I ought to go check on the kids again, though I haven't heard any screams so they are probably still getting along just fine :) Until next time!

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