Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok so pretty much all I write about in here is Brew and I and our wedding planning and such I decided to change the focus to "US", especially since we're getting ready to get married and all that stuff ;). Not that he will be posting anything- ever- I mean I just recently talked him into a facebook! lol.

Anyway- right now things are pretty busy for us. Brew is still working at Advance but now is in the process of finding a (better) job. He's also going to take a class this summer, 2 in the Fall and then hopefully will be graduating in December!!! Yay! As for me I've been subbing a LOT which is good for money bad for wedding planning lol. I feel like I'm still semi-on top of things, but I'm off tomorrow and hoping to get some stuff done. More than that I'm worried about getting our house ready to be moved into by June. The to-do list is two pages long- front & back!!!

Our (well, my) wedding shower is next Saturday the 10th :) I'm excited! Haha I've totally been cheating and sneaking peeks at my registry to see what's been purchased. I don't know WHO is getting them so I guess it's not REALLY cheating. It's ok I'm not big on surprises anyway. I get excited when I see someone bought us juice glasses or a blender :) haha.

Alrighty well that's all for now! New URL if anyone wonders--

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