Saturday, April 26, 2014

Happy Easter!!!

Ok so I'm a little late-- but we had a fantastic Easter!

Checking out his Easter Basket!

He was excited!!!

Holding his new ball and looking at his book

All his goodies  (I'll list what was in his basket below)

Family Photo!

Jackson & his cousin Parker-- cranky after church lol!
Jackson and his other cousins- Miryan Makalyn and Lainey...  This picture cracks me up lol!

 We just had a great day, we went to the Easter breakfast & service at church, then went to my husband's aunt & grandma's house for dinner and some fun afterwards.  Here's some video/pics of our day!

As for what the Easter bunny brought Jackson, here's what was in his basket!
  1. Stuffed bunny
  2. sidewalk chalk
  3. matchbox cars
  4. bubbles
  5. book (Baby Animals Touch & Feel)
  6. sunglasses
  7. applesauce pouch
  8. reese's easter bunnies candy
I hope you all had a fantastic Easter-- what was in your kiddo's Easter basket this year?

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