Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Polar Vortex, nap transitions, & stomach bugs!

Whoo so this year has gotten off to an interesting start.

First of all we got a bit of a snowstorm here, not a ton but enough to cancel school after only one day back from Christmas break.  Then that was followed by a HUGE drop in temperature ("Polar Vortex" as some news person meteorologist called it).  I'm talking subzero, record lows, for most of the country.  Here the windchills got to be as much as 20 below zero (Fahrenheit).  So that in turn canceled school Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Today (Wednesday) it got a bit warmer, more seasonable for our area in the 20s.  But school was still canceled because many in the county had problems with frozen pipes and old boiler heaters which could NOT compete with that kind of cold.  So we got another glorious day off!

View out our front window

I've had so much fun though being home with my baby boy!

The only downside to this whole thing is that we also dealt with a stomach bug in this house!  Jackson woke us up at 4am on Tuesday by throwing up in our bed  (changing sheets at that ungodly hour while consoling a sleepy sick baby was no fun).  He then continued to throw up a few more times until the last time at 8:30am shortly after waking up for the day.   He didn't have a fever (thank goodness).  He was able to keep down some juice and then later that day was able to nurse some too.  Today he's been feeling better, except he still doesn't have much of an appetite.  But last night was MY turn to get it.  Around bedtime I was starting to feel a little blah but then around midnight I woke up and proceeded to lose all of MY dinner.  No fun at all!  After today I have felt ok, not 100% but functioning. 

My sick boy watching Toy Story from his wagon lol

Another thing on our days off we have been trying is seeing if Jackson is ready to transition to one nap from two.  I had been wondering because he was seeming to get tired later in the morning, and then fighting his afternoon nap.  He also hasn't been sleeping great at night so I didn't know if that had something to do with it or not.  We tried it yesterday and it went OK... he started getting tired around 11, I kept him up as long as I could, till about 11:45 when he went down for about an hour and 45 minutes.  NOT long enough for that being the only nap of the day.  So I knew the evening would be rough.  He started getting tired again around 4:30/5 but we tried to power through until bedtime.  Finally at 6:30 he was falling asleep on Brew after dinner (which is rare, he has to be DEAD tired to just fall asleep like that) so I put him to bed, a little worried about whether he'd think it was another nap but he slept decently well (woke up about the same amount of times as usual) and he woke up a little earlier than normal the next day.   Sooo, that said I'm not convinced he is ready yet.  Four hours of awake time really seems like his max he can handle, and unless that changes soon or he starts taking a three plus hour nap, I don't think it'll work.  We don't want to have to put him to bed at 6 or 6:30 every night, so the next week or two we are going to just try and pay attention to his cues and reset his schedule to what he needs and see what happens!  He has been on this napping schedule for several months now so we'll see how it goes!

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