Monday, January 20, 2014

Baby on the loose!

Or should I say toddler on the loose cause that's what's happening around here!

Up until he turned 13 months old, Jackson wasn't very efficiently mobile.  That is, he could stand but usually needed help getting to a standing position-- and he hadn't truly figured out crawling.  He primarily got around by scooting/rolling.  And then he turned 13 months old and something in him clicked. 

He loves crawling around & in and out of his little car!

Emptying the kitchen drawers & cabinets is a new favorite activity!

His mobility has pretty much exploded in the last month (He's 14 months today, actually).  He can now crawl (full speed ahead too-- he's quick!)  and is pulling himself up and cruising along the furniture like a pro.  We have broken out the baby gates and put covers over the electrical outlets. 

He's even getting brave enough to hold on with one hand while standing and I've even tricked him into standing alone for a couple seconds.  I don't think it'll be much longer now before he is running through the house!

My little "jail bird"  Haha we have to use baby gates to keep him contained to the living room now!

Oh and one last exciting thing?  He's finally got enough hair for a bedhead! 
Haha love it-- when it's freshly washed he has little curls back there.  I'm holding off on cutting it though til I can get a good size lock to save.

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