Sunday, November 24, 2013

Monster First Birthday!

We had Jackson's Birthday Party yesterday!  I'm still in awe at how many people love our little guy... and at the amount of toys this kid got!  (Seriously, my living room has been taken over...)  Everything went great, I had fun planning it all.  Big thanks to my mom for all her help!!!

Assembling the monster cupcakes lol

The spread!  (not including the pizza)
Why are these people singing to me???

I love this picture so much-- hate that it turned out blurry though!  (I forgot to flip up the flash!)

Haha my kid doesn't like icing on his fingers!

Mmm yummy cupcakes Mommy!
lol- at least the tissue paper was a hit!

He loved unwrapping everything- but hated when I took it away to give him the next gift!
My whole world right there!

I wanted to insert some video clips here but it'll have to wait... youtube/blogger are both being super annoying and slow tonight.  I'll get them up here soon!

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