Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Trick or Treat!

Last Saturday Jackson had his first Trick or Treat!  We decorated his little pumpkin...

We did his white footprint and turned it into a ghost!

My little Pumpkin.  His hat says baby's first halloween.  I didn't leave it on him for long cause it ways reallllly tight!

Then we dressed him up and went Trick or Treating with my nieces!  Jackson didn't go up for any candy... Most of what is handed out he can't eat (or isn't good for him to eat lol) so we just walked around the neighborhood and let my nieces do treating. 

He wasn't overly impressed haha but he enjoyed the walk at least.  Next year I imagine it'll be a lot more fun and active for sure!

What did you dress your little ones up as this year?

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