Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Typical Saturday...

So I have toyed with the idea of doing a Day in the Life video before but honestly?  I don't ever think we do a whole lot of "fun" stuff on a normal day... and I'm not in the habit of filming everything either.  Soooo I thought I'd pick Saturday (since hubby & I are both home with Jackson) and just tell you what a "typical" Saturday looks like for us!

7:00am-  Yep, my son is an early riser and does NOT yet appreciate the gloriousness of sleeping in on weekends.  Soooo he wakes up BY 7 every day.  Anyway, he wakes up, and I nurse him, and we just all three enjoy some cuddle time in the mornings  (We are still part-time cosleeping)
7:30am- We finally all roll out of bed.  I change Jackson's diaper (we all still stay in our PJs for a while) and either Brew or I start cooking breakfast.  Saturdays are the only days we fix a "real" family sit-down breakfast.  Usually we have pancakes and/or eggs, or french toast, or waffles, or sausage gravy & biscuits, something like that.

8:30am-  We finish a leisurely breakfast and one of us will get Jackson dressed for the day and the other will clean up breakfast

9:00am-  Jackson & Daddy have some playtime while Mommy gets to take a nice long shower (all other mom's know that luxury!) and gets dressed for the day- which just means clean yoga pants and a hoodie if we aren't going anywhere!

10:00am- I nurse Jackson and he takes his morning nap while hubby showers and gets ready for the day too.  Jackson's naps range anywhere from 1.5-2 hours USUALLY so while he is sleeping I will try to get some sort of chore done (like laundry, etc) or sometimes just sit down and finally get to drink my (now reheated) coffee and watch youtube videos.

12:00pm- Jackson wakes up from his nap around 11:30 or 12, and we all eat some lunch.  This time is a good window of time to go out and do something too, whether we need to run an errand or maybe go somewhere fun like the park or pumpkin patch or whatever.  If we stay home, then we just have playtime with Jackson.  And a lot of that time he plays by himself too, he's great about that ;)

 2:30pm- By this time Jackson is ready for another nap (a little earlier if he had a shorter morning nap, sometimes as late as 3 if he took a long one)  So I nurse him and put him down.  Again, during his nap I usually do something like laundry or dishes or some other task I've ignored all week.  I also try to take this time to pump some.  My pumping output has decreased considerably so I now have to pump on my days off to get enough milk for him during the week.

4:00pm-  Jackson wakes up from his nap around now.  We usually just have more playtime or if we have somewhere to go in the evenings we will.  A lot of Saturdays we will go to my in-law's house for dinner and to spend the evening.

 5:00pm- Jackson ALWAYS used to want to nurse at this time, BUT I think he is starting to drop this feeding, because he only seems to want to nurse at this time if he's been away from me all day (my full work days).  On weekends/my half days, he doesn't usually ask to nurse now.

6:00pm- Cook and eat dinner

7:30pm-  Start Jackson's bedtime routine  (still the same as it's been for a while-- bath if needed, nakey time, pjs/clean diaper on, story, nurse, bed)

8:00pm- Jackson is usually in bed by now!  Now he has started falling asleep on his own in his crib if he doesn't fall asleep while nursing which is NICE!  After he's in bed we have some grown up time.  Most of the time we sort of do our own thing while together (like now, I'm blogging, hubby is watching netflix) but a lot of times we also will watch a movie/TV show together or sometimes just go to bed early and talk (haha both "talk" and actually talk ;)) 

10:00pm- We are usually in bed and going to sleep by now!  Haha I know it's probably early to some people but my kid is an early riser so that's what we do!  Jackson will sleep in his crib until about two or so then he'll wake up and I'll nurse him back to sleep with us where he sleeps till morning!

So there you have it, a typical Saturday-- not super exciting but I love my life & my little family and wouldn't trade it for the world!

How do you spend your Saturdays???

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