Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Learning so much!!!

Can't believe how much my baby is learning this month! Seems like his little brain is just exploding this month.

He now not only reaches for things but succeeds in grabbing them and either yanking on them or putting it straight in his mouth. He's also discovered his feet recently. His chubby belly gets in the way of him putting his toes in his mouth but he can kick the things on his activity gym now!

He is also giggling up a storm and I love it!!! (Caught some giggles on camera and will post the video soon!)

And just today he has figured out how to stick out his tongue. So funny.

As much as it makes me sad seeing him grow so fast it's also so much fun to see him doing new things and growing into his cute little personality. He is so amazing and my whole world! ❤️

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