Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Countdown to baby... 39 weeks, 3 days update!

It's been a couple weeks since I updated.

I'm STILL pregnant.

I can totally understand now why people do opt for early inductions.  My doctor isn't in favor of that, and I know it's probably not the best so I haven't asked but I definitely feel DONE.

I am in my 40th week now, and decided not to work this week.  So I've been home doing laundry, cleaning, and watching shows I've DVR'd  (House Hunters and Love it or List it on HGTV and of course A Baby Story!)

Overall I feel ok, sometimes sleep evades me and I have a hard time getting comfortable.  Still feeling lots of pelvic pressure.  I will also have contractions here and there.  Not REAL labor, but Braxton-Hicks.  They are uncomfortable/painful though (feels like period cramps) and they are such a tease!  Sometimes I'll have them anywhere from 7-12 minutes apart for a couple hours even.... but then they stop.  SO ANNOYING!  It's safe to say even though I've had a great pregnancy I'm ready for it to be over and to meet my son!

I feel gigantic lol.  Here's the last couple belly shots...

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.  Hopefully I'm progressing even more.  At my appointment last week I was 1cm dilated, 95% effaced, and she said definitely at a +1 station.  My fluid level returned to normal so we didn't have to do anything there.  I'm going to ask what the game plan is if I go overdue.  Typically she induces at 41 weeks but with the Thanksgiving holiday and the fact that my weeks turn over on Sundays I'm not sure when she will want to schedule it.  Of course I'm somewhat hopeful that even if we do have an induction date set that I will go into labor on my own before then.  If she offers to induce me anytime after my due date I have decided I will take it without complaint!  I'm ready to meet my little guy and I'm still hoping he will be here before Thanksgiving!  (By the way-- I could definitely use some prayers for patience! ;))

How far along: 39 weeks 3 days
Size of Baby: Watermelon!
Total Weight Gain: 34 lbs
Maternity Clothes: uh yeah and even then most of my shirts are getting too small/short at this point. 
Gender: We're having a baby BOY!!!
Movement: He really just wiggles and shoves his butt/feet out.  He also will twist his head in my pelvis and hit nerves.  Fun times.
Best thing this week: My due date buddy, cousin, and friend Stefani had her baby boy this morning!  I know it's not related to my own pregnancy but I say it's still the best.  I will post again later today about him! ;)
Sleep: Getting comfy and staying comfy is still an issue, as is frequent bathroom breaks.  Usually I'll sleep ok then like every third night have a bad night where I just can't stay asleep for more than an hour or so at a time.  Thankfully now I'm not working so I'm able to sleep in or nap the next day if I have a particularly bad night.
What I miss: regular clothes, being able to bend over/shave/put shoes on/etc without it being a big production, and just being comfortable in general
Cravings: Pop.  I'm normally not a pop drinker at all but I have been wanting any cola-type pop:  Coke, Pepsi, RC, Dr Pepper.  Like I said I normally MAYBE have one glass/can/bottle a week and now it's more like one a day.  It's weird.  Dunno if it's the flavor, fizz, or what.
Symptoms: Tiredness/exhaustion, pelvic pressure, lots of Braxton hicks contractions
What I’m looking forward to: Appointment tomorrow and whenever I finally get to meet my baby!

And here's the videos if you want to catch up! :)


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