Friday, August 17, 2012

Ergobaby carrier giveaway!

I just entered a giveaway from Mandy at She Breathes Deeply for an Ergobaby Bundle of Joy baby carrier!

I actually am registered for this very one...
They are a little pricy- as opposed to say, a $30 one from Wal-mart.  BUT these are approved for older and heavier babies as well.  In her blog post, Mandy said her husband even carried their 22lb toddler with ease.  It's also recommended for people with back issues.  I don't necessarily have "back issues" but I love the idea that it won't kill my back to use it.  I'm pretty much counting on a bigger baby (probably at least 8lb) so I love the idea that I can use this into toddlerhood!

Here's hoping I win this thing!  Haha-- and go check it out and enter yourself if you are expecting or already have a little one! :)

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Tracy said...

Hey, I babywear! I've tried an Ergo, but I prefer Beco. I bought mine from has Ergos sometimes, as does And Ergo is giving away a carrier a day on FB! My toddler is over 25 lbs, and I wore him in the Beci last night while he napped during a PTO meeting. It's so much more comfortable than holding him! Good luck!