Saturday, November 15, 2014

Catching You Up-- Fall Recap

Well I've been majorly neglecting this blog lately!  (sorry!)

Fall is nearing its end (or at least the fall weather is!).  Jackson's birthday is in just a few days and Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away.  Crazy!  So I thought it would be a good time to do a quick recap of our Fall so far... sooo here comes the bulleted list!

  • Jackson gets his first haircut!!! We took him at the very end of August sooo I guess it was still summertime but oh well. He was NOT a fan (cried the whole time)- but he stayed really still and looked adorable (and all grown up!) afterwards!


  •   In September we visited not one but TWO pumpkin patches!  We went to one as a family (on a super cold day in September!), then Jackson came along again to another when I took my preschool kiddos there for a field trip.  He had sooo much fun at BOTH!

  • We had family pictures done in October.  We had them done with my parents in law, sister in law and her family.  I was really happy with them... here's the ones with our family in this slideshow/video:
                                               [[[[ I'm still editing this video... check back soon ]]]]
  • Halloween was fun!  Jackson went Trick-or-Treating (for real) for the first time.  My neices came over to trick or treat too.  He had so much fun, though I'm fairly certain he would've been just as satisfied dressing up and going on a wagon ride.  The first half of the neighborhood he didn't want to get out of it. lol!  I was impressed though because he pretty much walked the entire second half of our neighborhood-- had to be still pushing his "waggy" aka wagon though!

  • And then on November 4, I got the biggest suprise of my LIFE!  My cousin Stefani (who lives in Europe) came to visit!  Her hubby Bas had to go on a business trip in Chicago and Stefani and the kids came along.  She totally surprised everyone though.  We were supposed to FaceTime that afternoon and she showed up on my doorstep!  It was too short, but we had a great visit.  Now just counting down the ten months before they move back to the states!

 And now here we are with November half over.  I cannot believe that my baby boy will be two years old in five days.  We've got a lot of exciting things coming up-- his actual birthday, then the Saturday afterwards we are taking him to see Sesame Street Live!  (He will flip lol), then Sunday the 23 is his party!  I'll be vlogging all of these things for sure- and I'll try to blog them as well :)

Hope everyone is doing well (all two of my readers, right? lol-- seriously if you read this regularly leave a comment below! :)).  I'm hoping to be better at updating more often on here!

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