Monday, July 14, 2014

Jackson's first ER trip

Well it happened.

I knew it was bound to having a little boy; but I guess I got overconfident because I have a late walker who is generally pretty cautious.

This past Friday I stepped out on the back porch to roll up the hose (we were planning on taking it to my in-laws so they could use it).  Jackson was safely quarantined to the living room and kitchen.  The kitchen cabinets have locks on them- the basement door was shut- and the living room is baby proofed and also where the majority of his toys are kept.  I wasn't worried in the slightest.

I wound the hose all up and glanced back to check on my boy who was tapping on the inside of the door looking out at me.  I carried the hose a few feet down by the car and tossed it over the fence.  Then I heard him start crying.  I figured he was just freaking out because I went out of sight.  So I came back inside and to my horror saw this:

I took this pic while trying to keep ice on it to send to my husband
My stomach sank.  I nearly panicked as I scooped him up and held him and tried to get him calmed down while frantically searching to figure out what on earth he hit his head on.  I deduced that he made contact with the corner of the wall because of the abrasion on top of that horrible goose egg.  Major mom fail and mom guilt!!!  I checked him over to make sure he wasn't showing any immediate signs of a concussion (he wasn't) and called Brew.

After he calmed down :(
We decided that even though he wasn't showing signs of a concussion we wanted to take him in to get him checked out by a doctor.  Worse case thoughts of course were going through my head- like a skull fracture or some sort of other latent concussion/brain injury.  Since it was after hours rather than take him to his doctor we headed to the emergency room.

Though still swollen a ton- it got a good deal better during our wait
We ended up having to wait in the ER for two hours.  We eventually saw the doctor though and after asking us questions and doing an exam he said a cat scan wouldn't be neccessary and that he looked ok- we just had to observe him for 6-8 hours after the incident (so for us that meant until 10:30-12:30 that night).  He could go to sleep but we had to wake him each hour and make sure he was still acting normal for him.  He was thank goodness.

I'm so glad my baby boy is fine!  I on the other hand, am pretty sure I lost at least a good two years off my life!

Back to his ornery self the next morning!

He did end up with some bruising around his eyes-- I took this video of him today.

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