Sunday, February 23, 2014

15 Months Old!

Jackson is now 15 months old!!!

My sweet boy!
He has his doctor's appointment on Tuesday, so I'll record his video update after that and add it to the bottom of this post

A few things about Jackson at 15 months...
  • He's wearing mostly 18 months clothes, but still a few 12 month things fit as well.  He's in size 4 diapers and size 3 shoes.
  • He's STILL not walking yet-- at least without help.  But he is crawling & cruising EVERYWHERE and getting into everything lol!
  • His personality is really blossoming and shining through at this point.  He is very sweet (loves giving hugs and kisses), very social (aka FLIRT!), and a little ornery too! 
  • He says "mama" "dada" "Duke/dog" "hi" and "all done (ah-da)"  He also has started talking up a storm in his own little jibberish language, complete with hand gestures and head nods.  Haha, it's hilarious.
  • He is understanding soooo much more now.  He can follow very simple directions, he knows how to put his chunky Melissa & Doug puzzle together, He knows his nose, eyes, and ears.
  • He has eight teeth, working on the ninth and tenth now (molars, yikes!)
  • He is in a transitional time between one and two naps.  Most days he still takes two (either two decent ones or one long one and a car cat-nap), but there's been a few days where he has only taken one.  He does ok on one nap but he's generally ready for bed by 7 instead of his usual 8.
  • He is still part time cosleeping with us.  Goes to bed around 8 in his own crib, then wakes anywhere between 10 and 12 lately, and sleeps with us the rest of the night.
  • We are currently working on night weaning (another post on that later) but last night we went from 11-6 without nursing!
  • We are still obviously nursing.  Nighttime frequency has been a crap-shoot lately but like I said we are night weaning now so we are working on that.  During the daytime though he usually only nurses 2 or 3 times-  first thing in the morning, sometimes in late afternoon/early evening, and then before bed. 
  • As far as eating solids goes- he's not a picky eater but he will go through little phases where he doesn't want to eat very much (pretty sure it's related to teething).  His favorite foods are bananas, puffs, goldfish crackers, pb&j, green beans, apples/applesauce, macaroni & cheese, and pancakes.
  • His favorite toys are anything with buttons, knobs, switches or wheels-- this includes the stereo, remote controls, light switches, and toy cars or anything with a steering wheel!  Some other favorite activities are cleaning out the (safe) kitchen cabinets, and cleaning off the living room end tables! ;)

I just love this little guy so much, and even more every day (just when I think it would be impossible to!)

Here's his video update...

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