Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Completely Random Sort of Post

Ok so I have a few things floating around in my head so I figured why not do a random sort of post so hence- the bulleted list!

  • Co-Sleeping transition... ok this one I'm calling on all mamas who might read this blog-- right now Jackson part time co-sleeps with us, has been since he was like 4-5mo.  Anyway he does pretty awesome his first stretch of sleep in his crib in his room- which usually goes from around 8 until 12-1.  (Sometimes he will wake up earlier but that's not the norm).  I have been trying to put him back to sleep and then transfer to his crib but then he'll sleep for an even shorter interval and then it goes that way until I give up.  Most of the time I just put him in our bed during that first nightwaking because well- it's easier and I'm tired.  If I do that, he usually just wakes one more time to nurse, typically around 4.  So the part-time cosleeping arrangement gets us the most sleep... but on the other hand, our queen size bed is pretty crowded, and I'd love to get him to sleep in his crib longer.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I've tried putting him down before he's fully asleep and have him fall asleep in his crib with me sitting nearby and he does ok but I don't really notice a difference in his wake up pattern as opposed to me nursing him all the way to sleep and then putting him down.  We HAVE tried the Ferber method (where you check on them every 5 minutes and increase the time til they eventually fall asleep) and that does NOT work, especially after a nightwaking.  I have a VERY stubborn little boy who will just get more and more hysterical until he's coughing and then is even harder to calm down.  (Not to mention it rips my heart out).  We only made it to a 15minute interval before I decided that was just not for us.  Anyway, any suggestions would be helpful if anyone has any! :)  I think if I could get him through that first night waking and sleeping until around 4 even I'd be a happy camper.  I wouldn't mind bringing him into our bed then and nursing and cuddling till morning.
  • Makeup- yeah I need to go through my makeup drawer and throw out the crap I've had since high school.  And get some new stuff.  Recommendations on a good (cheap) foundation?  I don't like a very heavy feeling one, but I'd like to be able to have something to help cover up the dark circles and occasional blemishes.  Speaking of dark circles I'm open to concealer suggestions as well!
  • Money, money, money- So we are starting Dave Ramsay's steps to financial freedom.  We've watched most of the videos and have been ever so slowly working on our emergency fund.  I do plan on blogging our journey but we have yet to get a good start on it-- however that will change because after this weekend we will be SELLING OUR JEEP!  (*sad face*)  I love our Jeep and it is a great vehicle but between the gas and the payment we are just spending too much money on it.  Our plan is to sell it, get caught up on some of our credit card bills, then save for a mini van and pay for a mini van in cash.  So prayers are much needed not only for our finances in general but more specifically that we can sell our Jeep and get at least what we still owe on it (and possibly a little extra for the emergency fund?).
  • Countdown to School Starting- I can't remember if I shared this on here, BUT I officially have a *real* (part time) teaching job starting this year!  I'll be teaching pre-school at our church (two classes- 3s and 4s)  I'm excited (and a tad nervous) to start this new journey.  Our orientation is next Tuesday so I'm currently in the midst of getting the room ready and everything for that big day!
  • Cousins!- Another thing I'm super excited for-- my cousin Stefani and her family are coming to visit in just a couple more weeks!  I can't wait to see them! <3 li="">
Ok that's enough randomness for now-- until later! :)

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